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A note from founder Charlotte Smith

Horse-Centred Education and Wellness for Youth is a program developed by LivX Alliance (Lived Experience) that is focused on helping homeless youth in Ottawa. Below is a note from founder Charlotte Smith.

Thank you so much for your help in getting this started. It really is a dream come true and the positive feedback from youth who have participated means we need to work harder to keep this running without disruption.

LivX Alliance has hosted three official farm visits and engaged a total of 20 unique youth in equine-centered learning and peer-led wellness and education. Trina Mather-Simard, ED of Mādahòkì Farm has been extremely supportive of this program. Staff, including social workers, from Operation Come Home (OCH) have attended all three sessions and feedback from youth participants and staff has been positive. Youth have suggested ideas for future visits including opportunities for hiking and learning employable farming skills. 

During these sessions LivX Alliance facilitators Stu, Avery, Charlotte and Jen introduced youth to the horses at Mādahòkì Farm, taught youth about local plant life and flow arts, engaged youth in conversations about consent and boundaries while learning how to respectfully approach the horses and more. Mādahòkì’s youth cultural ambassador, Maggie Downer, has opened each session with an introduction to Indigenous knowledge and the Ojibwe Spirit Horses who reside at the farm.

We are extremely happy that youth who have had the chance to attend have told us they enjoyed and benefited from the program. We sincerely thank you for supporting and following this work.

Charlotte Smith
LivX Alliance

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