Community Blend Coffee on Rogers Daytime Ottawa

November 15, 2022 was an exciting day for Community Blend coffee – we appeared on Rogers Daytime Ottawa show! The interview was arranged by David Humphries, who is a member of Rotary Ottawa South and a volunteer at Rogers. Scott Vetter, one of the driving forces behind the Community Coffee fundraising initiative appeared on the show.

The show’s host, Derick Fage is a real pro. He smoothly led the conversation in discussion of Rotary, fundraising in COVID-times, the benefits of working with Happy Goat Coffee Company, and the rosy future for Community Blend coffee. Watch the 7-minute video below.

Did you know that most of the crew involved in producing Rogers Daytime Ottawa show is comprised of volunteers? Under the direction of professional producer Stan Newton is a team of co-op students, retirees, and those with a passion for media and A/V technology wanting to help out. Many thanks to crew: Stephanie El-Nahoum, Tim Milsom, Jewel Jeffrey-Saulnier, Tanya Goveas, Ryan Bissonnette, David Gershkovitch, David Humphries. Just another example of how volunteerism in our community helps to make it a better place.

Community Blend coffee is an initiative
of Rotary in your community.

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