Community Blend Coffee Fundraising Program

You’re anxious to try this delicious coffee, to sip or sell, but you have
questions. We’re anxious for you to try the coffee too! So we’ve answered
some common questions below, if you have a question that isn’t addressed,
please contact us.


How long does coffee last?

Coffee doesn’t go bad or spoil, so just like our love for you, it will last forever and a day. In more practical terms, the aficionados at Happy Goat suggest that coffee beans provide their ideal flavour for about 3 months. All Community Blend coffee orders are shipped fresh.


How much coffee is in a bag?

The bags are standard 12 oz, the same size that Happy Goat and other
gourmet coffee shops use. They are air-tight sealed with a pull-tab that
opens a resealable opening.


How can we try this particular blend of coffee?

That’s simple, order some! Start with a bag from a local Rotary Club or Happy Goat online. If you live in Ottawa you can order a cup at the Happy Goat Laurel Street café.


Why are the beans different colours?

Community Blend is, well, it’s a blend. The two coffees are from different countries, grown at different altitudes, are of different density and are roasted separately to unique specifications. Hence, the beans’ appearance varies considerably. Rest assured that every batch of the beautifully blended coffee is under strict quality control measures and looks and tastes just right.


Are other roasts available?

Not at this time. Community Blend is a customized gourmet blend roasted just for us and we are focused on growing demand for it. (Help us make this blend super popular and we can explore other blends!)



How do we order the coffee?

Community Blend coffee is sold in cases of 36 and can be ordered via our online form. Once the order is confirmed you will be invoiced and can pay online or by cheque to Happy Goat Coffee Company.  


Is there a minimum order?

Just one case, so it’s easy to get started.  


Are there any additional costs?

The coffee beans can be ground for 50¢/bag. It is a medium grind for pour-over and automatic drip coffeemakers, which is the typical grind used. This is ordered by the case. For example, an entire case of 36 bags is either ground coffee or beans.  


How long does it take to receive the coffee order?

Orders are processed and shipped within a week.  


How much is shipping?

Shipping depends on where it’s going, and that cost will be given when your
order is confirmed (before you pay). Shipping cases of Community Blend coffee to a location in Ottawa is free.