Community Blend Coffee Fundraising Program

How it Works

The wonderful thing about coffee is that most people drink it every day. Once they try it and realize how delicious Community Blend coffee is, they may want to buy it regularly. So, your fundraiser isn’t restricted to an event, it can be an ongoing source of revenue.

The math is quite simple: your club buys Community Blend coffee (by the case) at $11/bag. The coffee sells at $16/bag so your organization nets $5/bag. The more you sell, the more funds you raise to achieve your goals.



Currently, this program is being launched for Rotary Clubs in the Ottawa region. However, we understand that whether it’s for a service club, school group, sports team, cultural association, local charity …  people would be happy to sip and support any worthwhile fundraiser.


We’ll be expanding the program to other organizations soon — want to know when? Complete our contact form and check “I want to receive your quarterly e-newsletter”. You’ll be one of the first we tell!

How We Help

We will include your fundraiser on this website, with contact information
and a link for people to reach you. Send us updates and photos and we’ll
post them as well.

We have professionally designed graphics, banner ads and sell sheets to help your organization promote and sell Community Blend coffee.


How to Order

Community Blend coffee for fundraisers is sold in cases of 36.
The process is simple:

  1. Complete the online form.
  2. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive your invoice which
    can be paid online or by cheque.
  3. Your cases of coffee will be shipped directly to one location.
    (No charge for Ottawa deliveries.)




– Coffee beans are HST exempt, so there are no taxes to contend with.
– Accurate accounting is an important aspect for all fundraisers. You will
receive an invoice for each order, and we can provide a statement for all
coffee orders your organization has placed with us.
– Aside from your profit, $1 from each bag goes to RCOS to help maintain
the program.